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Greg  Myers
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My Bio

I specialize in bringing three E's into a person's life at a potentially stressful time. Those three E's are Empathy, Evaluation and Escorting. See, I believe one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives is buying or selling a home. With all the moving parts and time frames, I believe it can be a very stressful time. I help folks through the home buying process with the 3 E's - let me share how. Empathy - the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing. Note the key words, Capacity and Understanding. My past experience as a youth Pastor provided numerous opportunities to grow these skills. I think most folks make a decision from a point of pain or pleasure. I want to understand your areas of pain and pleasure and what matters to you. Evaluate - systematic determination of a subject’s significance. Note the key words, Systematic and determination. There are a lot of decisions to work through in buying or selling a home. My 18 years of experience being a manufacturing manager helps me flow chart the decision process in my head. I see processes and solutions. I can help you evaluate critical decisions with a systematic process. Escort - accompany someone somewhere providing protection. Let your mind drift back in time to folks traveling in a wagon train heading west to find their new home. They are on a journey, much like the home buying or selling journey. They always had an escort. Sometimes the escort was a scout - looking ahead on how to avoid potential problems. Sometimes the escort was right beside them helping fix the wagon wheel that broke. And, sometimes the escort was like the cavalry - coming in to rescue them from a bad situation. See my cavalry is a vast network of skilled folks ready to help – Title Company, Repairmen, CPA, Home Inspectors, Lenders, etc. I provide the 3 E's to my Clients throughout the home buying and selling process. I have helped over 200 families in the last 5 years - they started as Clients and are now my friends! I work with both Buyers and Sellers. I believe working for Buyers makes me a stronger Listing Agent and working for Sellers makes me a stronger Buyers Agent. I understand the issues and process on both sides of the transaction! I look forward to helping you and/or your friends. Just a little about me: In 1997 my family moved to Middle Tennessee with a career change. I am blessed with children and grandchildren. My children all attended Rutherford County schools where they were active in clubs, organizations and athletics. We are active members of World Outreach Church. I am a Director on the Middle Tennessee Association Board of Realtors and serve on the Education Committee. I also serve on the North Rutherford YMCA Board. I have volunteered at the schools, coaching and mentorship programs. I have a BS from Purdue University and each year have exceeded the minimum education hours for Realtors. I have been in the million dollar status the last 8 years and have won numerous productivity awards. Being a Realtor is my passion.

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Residential, Land, Commercial

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kw murfreesboro, abr, mtar president